In most cases, birth fathers do have the same rights as birth mothers. In order for a child to be placed for adoption, both parents usually have to consent to the adoption. In many cases, a birth father can be notified and just not respond, which allows the adoption to proceed.  An adoption attorney will advise you about the rights of an unknown birth father, multiple birth fathers, or married birth fathers, or even a birth father that cannot be located.

It is important to discuss open adoption with the birth father and let him know he can be part of the adoption process. If he does not agree and you still feel adoption is the best choice, let your adoption professional know and they can help get you state specific information on how to proceed.

If the birth father is not supportive or uninterested in the pregnancy or he is unknown, you can still pursue an adoption plan. It is important to be honest about the situation so your adoption professional can help you take the proper steps in moving forward legally. Each state has specific laws regarding birth father rights, so it is important to discuss this with your adoption professional. We will provide you with free legal assistance in these cases.

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