Through open adoption you have the opportunity to speak and even meet with the adoptive families. It gives you the ability to get to know one another.

Before they adopt, hopeful adoptive parents must complete a screening and assessment process. Adoptive parents are required to have a valid home study to verify they are suitable parents and able to adopt a child. This home study involves meetings with a social worker, both in office and by visiting the adoptive parent’s home, interviewing each family member, and having a thorough home inspection. Hopeful adoptive parents are evaluated in many areas: financially, medically, socially and emotionally. The social worker writes a full home study report after the meetings. The adoptive parents must also go through a full criminal background check.

As you begin to get to know them, it’s okay to ask hard questions. This is your opportunity to learn all you wish about them and decide if they are the right parents for your child.

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