It’s important to evaluate the adoption agencies across the United States besides the local adoption center near you. Many times families make the mistake of thinking they need to adopt through an agency in their local area when the wait time might be much longer than if they went with a domestic or independent adoption center in another state that has a higher success rate and waiting time is shorter.

Check references and ask questions about how many children they place per year and how long families wait for placement before contracting with a local adoption center near you. You also want to ask about their eligibility restrictions, if they’re licensed, how long they’ve been in business, and if they have a waiting list. Ask about the total fees, home study fees, and if there are requirements on birth mother expenses.  You want to know if the adoption agency has an attorney on staff or if they refer out.  Ask about the type of adoptions, if they do open adoptions or semi-open adoptions.

There is much research to be done in choosing the adoption center and not just choosing an adoption center near you, as your success rate might be greater with the adoption center in another state. It is becoming far more common now with the internet for families to work with nationwide centers that are not in their own neighborhood or even state!

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