The first step in a child adoption process is to determine the type of adoption you’d like to complete. Next, you would need to decide on the type of child and age you are considering adopting. Then the adoption process will proceed with an adoption application, interview and acceptance into a program.  You want to find an organization that is selective in the adoptive parents they choose for the adoption program rather than one that just accepts anyone.

You will then need to get an adoption home study completed, which is a people study with extensive background checks, FBI backgrounds, health checkups, and financial stability verification. The process of adoption is different with all organizations depending on their state laws. There’s a lot of work to do prior to placement of a child in your home for adoption.

The adoption process can take anywhere from a few months to a number of years to complete depending on the type of child, race and age of children you’re looking for. The more open you are in your preferences, the swifter your match with a birth mother will be.

There will be a placement of the child and relinquishment of parental rights signed, followed by a court hearing and finalization. You want to discuss all the steps with your adoption professional prior to moving forward. Preparing for adoption and the adoption process is important, planning how you will find your match and the type of child you are willing to accept.

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